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Streamlined E-commerce and Cargo Shipping Solutions

Start e-commerce shipping and cargo shipping now with instant access to the best possible discounts from leading logistics partners. No volume requirements and support for over 28,000+ pin codes within India. We give you more control and flexibility over the entire logistics process so that you can choose the most optimum carrier partners for your shipment deliveries without compromising on costs or delivery speed.

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How it works

How it works

  • Create Shipment

    Upload your orders in bulk, connect your online store, integrate our API, or just manually create a new shipment on Rocketbox.

  • Choose a Courier Partner

    Rocketbox’s AI-driven tool recommends carrier partners based on your order details, shipment weight, and budget. You can either go with our recommendation or choose your preferred logistics partner based on their rates, SLA performance and user ratings.

  • Prepare Shipment

    Download and print out the shipment label and wait for the pickup. You can also manage invoices, Proof of Delivery (POD), and Non-delivery report (NDR) with Rocketbox.

  • Analyze

    Track orders, notify customers, and analyze your shipping data in the most effective way possible to optimize your delivery KPIs.

Carrier Partners

Carrier Partners


Why Rocketbox

Why Rocketbox

Affordable Rates

Find the best rates for all your shipments whether you need into B2C or Cargo shipping services.

One Platform, Multiple Carriers

Streamline Cargo and B2Clogistics with our exhaustive network of carriers. Track all your orders and keep customers informed about the courier movement in real-time.

Get Accurate Recommendations

Based on your shipping needs, delivery dates, and budget, our AI tool offers the best carrier recommendations for every shipment.

Dedicated Support

Our team at Rocketbox is always here to help you and guide you through the way whether you need assistance with pickups, tracking shipments, or clearing any disputes with carriers.

Support for Multiple Modes

Send your e-commerce and cargo shipments through air or surface. Rocketbox gives you the choice you need.

Wider Reach

Our over 28,000+ pin codes within India and we are expanding everyday.

No Platform Fees

You only get easy to understand pricing with us. No hidden fees of any kind and no surprises.

Not sure how much would it cost you?

Use our less load truck calculator to find out!

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