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We are a startup based in Mumbai building an aggregation and analytics platform for Intra-city logistics

We are a team focussed on getting things done and love what we do. Like any startup, we move fast, but take care of every detail while we do.

We value:

  • Data-driven & Logic
  • Transparency & Boldness
  • Deep-dive & getting things done

If you are a person who is self-oranized, meticulous and believe in the same set of values, you will be a right fit.

Have a look at the job profiles on the left. You can still contact us, if you feel you are one of the best at what you do and can contribute to Rocketbox

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About Us

Who are we?

We are a bunch of techies set out to solve logistics (transporting goods) for the world. The core team is dominantly IIT Bombay alumni and is utterly passionate about solving the problem. We boast of our small but insanely efficient team and our achievements till date are more than a validation for that. We are currently operating from Powai, just outside of IIT, at the most happening place for start ups in the country. History is being made here everyday, come be a part of it.

What do we do?

Rocketbox is primarily a tech hub. We believe technology is the most vital element in solving problems at scale. Logistics is a 200 billion dollar market in India alone and comprises about 14% of the national GDP. Its obvious from the numbers that it is seemingly complex and gigantic in scale. We leverage technology to convert this seemingly complex process to a simple intuitive interface for the end user and remove human involvement wherever possible. Users can request vehicles at the click of a button, track, pay and access invoices all on their app. This simplicity amounts to building a complex technical infrastructure in the backend and a great UX effort.

What are we upto?

Starting in April this year, we have been quite aggressive in our expansion.  We are already active in 2 cities and are delivering 3000 orders per month. We completed two rounds of funding backed by a seasoned institutional investor. We are growing at an unprecedented rate and aim to be the fastest growing start up on the planet. We deliberately chose be shush in the media because it is something we deserve but not what we need right now ;)