Why Is Rocketbox Useful? Why Should eCommerce Businesses Opt For It?

24 Mar, 2022 by Malika Sanon - 4 min read

Rocketbox is a B2B shipping and logistics aggregator in India and makes cargo shipping effortlessly easy for their customers. Rocketbox is affordable and streamlines Cargo and B2B logistics with its exhaustive network of carriers. You can now track all your orders and keep customers informed about the courier movement in real-time.

Why Is Rocketbox Useful
Why Is Rocketbox Useful

The shipping needs and expectations of eCommerce B2B shipments are very different from B2C eCommerce businesses. Companies don’t expect a shipment to arrive on the same day or the next day. However, they need it to arrive on time and in the right quality and quantity as promised. 

What is a B2B Shipment?

B2B shipments usually consist of large quantities of products purchased in fewer orders. These shipments are directly delivered from one business to another through their physical or online store. The size of such charges is enormous, and therefore, a retailer or a company will place the order only when he needs to re-stock their inventory. 

The Need to Being On-Time 

The urgency of delivering shipments is always present when dealing with B2B customers. However, the impact of late orders in B2C orders is comparatively less impactful. Still, the entire manufacturing processes need to be stalled when shipments fail to arrive on time when it comes to businesses. 

What Is Cargo Shipping?

The term cargo is used for the goods transported via ship or plane. Mails can also be called cargo.

However, the word cargo is only related to the goods transported and does not include payment or money charged for transportation of goods. Essentially, the product that is being transported is called cargo. The large cargo containers (product containers) carry products from one place to another. Or goods can also be transported on pallets, handling nets, or any other such means.

Why Rocketbox?

Rocketbox is a logistics aggregator in India that is trying to take B2B eCommerce shipping to the next level and make cargo shipping effortless for our clients. 

Why Rocketbox
Why Rocketbox
  1. Affordable Rates – Rocketbox provides the best rates for all shipments, whether you need B2B shipping or cargo shipping. 
  2. Multiple Carriers– Streamline cargo and B2B logistics with our wide network of carriers. Track all your orders and keep your customers informed about the courier movement in real-time.
  3. Get Accurate Recommendations– Our AI tool offers the best carrier recommendations for every shipment based on your shipping needs, delivery dates, and budget.
  4. Dedicated Support- The dedicated team at Rocketbox will always help you and guide you through the way whether you need assistance with pickups, tracking shipments, or clearing any disputes with carriers.
  5. Support for Multiple Modes- Send your eCommerce and cargo shipments through air or surface
  6. Wider Reach– We serve 28,000+ pin codes within India and continuously expand more every day. 
  7. Zero Platform Fees– Simple and easy-to-understand pricing for our customers and no hidden charges. 

Who Can Use Rocketbox?

Who Can Use Rocketbox
Who Can Use Rocketbox

B2B eCommerce Sellers

A streamlined shipping solution will help your customers get the shipping or technical expert they need. 

You can build a smooth shipping workflow for your business and manage your shipments easily with Rocketbox. 

Enterprise Clients

Deliver more value through your business with end-to-end e-commerce and cargo shipping (LTL).

How does Rocketbox Work? 

  1. Create Shipment- Upload your orders in bulk, connect your online store, integrate our API, or manually create a new shipment on Rocketbox.
  1. Choose a Courier Partner- Rocketbox’s AI-driven tool recommends carrier partners based on your order details, shipment weight, and budget. You can either go with our recommendation or choose your preferred logistics partner based on their rates, SLA performance, and user ratings.
  1. Prepare Shipment-Download and print out the shipment label and wait for the pickup. You can also manage invoices, Proof of Delivery (POD), and Non-delivery reports (NDR) with Rocketbox. 
  1. Analyze- Track orders, notify customers, and analyze your shipping data in the most effective way possible to optimize your delivery KPIs. 

B2B orders are very complex than regular B2C eCommerce sales. The customer acquisition cost is higher, the time taken to acquire customers is also much longer and it needs more advanced technologies like punchouts, RFPs, and EDI. However, your operational efficiency can be increased by using an order management system combined with best-practice workflows and a solid strategy. Rocketbox enables you to simply B2B and cargo shipping in just a few clicks.  


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