Best Practices For Medical Equipment Packaging & Shipping

14 Jul, 2022 by Malika Sanon - 5 min read

In our growingly complex, technological world, hospitals have become significant consumers and providers of sophisticated medical equipment. In today’s time, healthcare and equipment delivery is also accepted. However, many clinics, officers and other facilities lack appropriate loading docks and personnel to handle receiving bulky, high-tech shipments. 

So, to make your shipping easier and more efficient, it is necessary to go through safe shipping practices for medical equipment. 

Shipping Medical Equipment

Equipment Preparation 

Just like most things, medical equipment packaging and shipping is also mainly about its preparation. Preparing medical equipment to ensure its safety and avoid potential accidents and mishaps is paramount. 

Understanding The Shipping Route

Shipping and packaging for medical equipment for local shipping are different when you deliver equipment overseas. To safely pack and ship your items, you need to know everything from preparation to shipping. 

In case the products will go through harsh weather conditions, then you need to add extra padding and wrapping materials. If a 3PL is set to handle your equipment, it is necessary to ensure your products are in safe hands, and so it is important to increase your container’s sturdiness.  It is better to understand the route to protect your medical equipment. 

Using The Right Packaging Materials

Depending on what you plan on shipping, your packing materials can differ widely. For sizeable medical machinery, you will probably use cardboard packing for protection from moisture and abrasion, and then wrap them with dense padding and wrapping. For smaller tools, you may need to obtain plastic containers to ensure that no moisture touches them and that they are easy to transport. Meanwhile, when it comes to cold chain pharmaceuticals, controlled conditions are a must. All in all, there is a lot to consider, so we suggest that you research carefully.

Right Packaging Material

Commonly used materials used for packaging medical equipment are as follows- 

Medical grade paper – This is packing paper coated in polymer, therefore preventing contamination.

Aluminium – Used as light, oxygen, and moisture barrier.

Plastic containers – The most common types are LLDPE, PET, and PP.

Cardboard Boxes- Top-quality.

Standard padding – wrapping materials.

Mostly, the best way to pack your items is to combine and mix and match the above-mentioned packaging materials while considering the route and mode of transportation. But to find the best way, one needs to understand the roles of different packaging materials and how it is best to combine them. 

Safety Standards 

Most countries understand the fragility of medical equipment and how important it is. So, when it comes to international shipping of medical equipment there are a few safety standards that you need to follow before shipping the product.

You might also have to use biodegradable packaging in some situations, which involves its own set of preparation and research.  Apart from proper packing, these standards will include adequate loading and unloading procedures and safety regulations when it comes to vehicles. So, before you ship, ensure that your items will be taken care of in all the essential ways.


People often forget how important labeling is when it comes to avoiding confusion and mishaps. The easiest way to properly label your products is to assume that the people handling them will not know what is inside. Hence, it is paramount to label with the necessary information so that the package is handled with care. 

Make sure to first write what is inside, and then to label for:

  • Heavy items.
  • Fragile items.
  • Item orientation (which side should be up).

Such information can be the deciding factor between your items remaining safe and being rendered unusable.

Shipping Of Medical Equipment

It is integral to understand the shipping procedure while planning to ship medical equipment. Here are some of the aspects that you need to get familiar with before going ahead-

Get Familiar With The Legal Procedures

Depending on where and what you plan on shipping, there will be different legal procedures to go through and paperwork to fill out. So, do yourself a favor and research the legal aspect of shipping medical equipment in advance. Certain permits can require weeks to obtain, and if you are shipping to a different country, there might be additional legal requirements along with a language barrier to overcome. So, the sooner you start researching, the better.

Pick The Right Shipping Company

Shipping Partner

It is necessary to find the right shipping company for shipping your medical equipment. While most companies can deal with shipping standard items, it is far too complicated to ship medical equipment. So, when looking for a shipping partner, make sure you find the ideal match who can take care of your fragile items.

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